6/10/2021: I am a 2021 fellow in poetry at the Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. Check out the beautiful fellows here:

6/3/2021: Jessica Alexander and I’s novella None of This is an Invitation has been signed to Astrophil Press for Spring 2023. Thank you, duncan barlow, Editor, and the entire Astrophil crew.

6/3/2021: the Texas Review‘s All-Essay Issue x Essay Daily B-side Compilation is live on Essay Daily feat. Mary-Kim Arnold; Piper J. Daniels and Nicole McCarthy; Lily Hoang; Vincent James; Michael Martone; Ander Monson; Katrina Otuonye; Danielle Pafunda; Monica Prince; Addie Tsai; Julie Marie Wade; and Nicole Walker.

(6/2/2021): “Victory” by Mary-Kim Arnold:
(6/3/2021): Essay-in-Conversation between Piper J. Daniels and Nicole McCarthy:
(6/4/2021): “Into Innocence” and “Before Arrival” by Lily Hoang:

5/28/2021: I’ll Find Myself When I’m Dead: a Podcast About the Literary Essay devoted an episode to the Texas Review‘s All-Essay Issue: Thanks to them!

3/7/2021: My essay on Teenage Fanclub’s “The Concept” is up at March Plaidness today. For my game, voting ends at 9AM Arizona time on March 8. Go vote HERE or